Thanks for stopping by the STATE4 website! Although the band STATE4 is no longer together, you can still find out who they were and hear what they did for the nearly six years they were around. Their music is still available on CD and as MP3 downloads at various MP3 sites across the internet. Also, you can check out the new projects the members have started.

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Band Bio

Nick Mitchell started STATE4 as a solo project in Socorro, New Mexico in 1997. He released the first EP called Retrospect that year and played a number of shows around the Socorro area. He moved to Madison, Wisconsin in early 1998, where he continued to grow STATE4 by building a base of fans using the site In July of 1999, Nick released the self-titled full length album using his stock earnings. The "white album" received numerous favorable reviews, and garnered him a bit of attention in the Madison area.

Shortly after releasing the white album, Nick met Andrew Davies, a fellow electronic musician from Madison. The pair began working on music together, and soon expanded on STATE4 by adding a singer (Erin Joyner) and a drummer (Jerry Nevaiser). This line-up lasted through the beginning of 2001, and after several performances and the recording of the Issues in Monochrome EP, Erin left the band. After searching for several months for a replacement singer, the band decided to add Laura Hillman to the line-up, and soon the band was gigging around Madison and recording their next CD.

Because of the limited opportunity that Madison presented STATE4, the band decided to move to a larger market, and ended up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Shortly after the release of Less Than Happy in July of 2002, Jerry left the band. STATE4 grew around the Twin Cities area, doing gigs at most of the major venues, with the pinnacle being a Saturday night at the 400 Bar in June of 2003. Unfortunately, even with the success the band was seing, personality and creative differences ultimately broke the band up. In early July of 2003, STATE4 was put to rest.

New Projects

Endless Blue
Laura and Nick formed this new project to continue the more subdued and downtempo elements of STATE4. They are currently active in the Minneapolis area.

Andrew teamed up with another Minneapolis artist and drastically changed musical direction with the new group. Pumping out up-tempo future pop and EBM, Heliosphere casts its dark shadow over the opposite end of the electronic music spectrum.


Both of STATE4's full length releases are available from the on-line indie music store, CDBaby, or as individual tracks on iTunes. Click on the links below to view the CD details.

The self titled first release (aka the white album) featured Nick Mitchell on guitar and programming, and was more or less a collection of the best of his music up to that to date. Sonically this album ranges from the very delicate ambient soundscapes to driving instrumental rock meets techno.

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Less Than Happy
The second full length release featured the full band, including Laura Hillman on vocals, Andrew Davies on keyboards, Nick Mitchell on guitars, and Jerry Nevaiser on edrums. This album is the cornerstone of the sound that STATE4 created in Madison and moved to Minneapolis.

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STATE4 MP3s On-Line

You can also listen to much of STATE4's catalog on-line. Click on the links below to get free MP3s.